† Castiel ♥ (zax_dude) wrote in nk_ooc,
† Castiel ♥

MOD-NOTE! Where is everyone?

Alrighty! So, we were being asked a week or so ago to start things up at the community and get the plot going. Which is coming along, slowly-slowly. I can't figure out for the life of me why everyone's waiting for us, though. O_o; come on, dudes.

Our characters aren't restricted to the plot, basically, do whatever you want that's inside the rules! If you feel like posting an even and see who rocks up to it, go on ahead. Or if you wanna contact another character and write a log between them and post it, feel free.

You don't have to wait for the plot to progess to post, and we'd like to see a bit more activity in the character journals and the community. C'mon guys, get into it! x3

Loves from mod-chan!
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