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X-Mas Wish-Lists!!

I challenge you people to write as your character and come up with their ULTIMATE wish-list!! 

These can be as serious or as much of a joke as you want.

And don't just do a point-form thing (unless you feel that THAT is how your character would write). 

Include things like, "Dear Santa/Dear Life Stream/ (maybe as Reno) Dear Rufus" and make it as fun/unlikely/realistic as possible.

And write it at anytime in their lives as you'd like. (BEFORE Advent Children, DURING, After...whatever.)

I'm BORED, okay?!

For example (as MSN-Loz):

Dear Mother,

For Christmas this year, I would like nothing more than to understand things better. Kadaj says I'm slow and Yazoo just smirks at me. 

...If I can't have THAT, I'd like a pair of mittens with kittens on them. (...I just rhymed, Mother!) I would also like a dictionary so that when my brothers say things, I can look it up and not look so dumb.

I would also like the game "CLUE" (Yazoo said I should get one), and a rocking-chair installed on a NEW motorcycle and...YOU, Mother. YOU would be the best present of all.

I love you, Mother.

~~Your Loz

*laughs* Like I said: be RIDICULOUS!!

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