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Dee and Pizazz, and their silly, silly scenarios!

Greetings, everybody! Dee and I, as we are prone to do, came up with a few random little scenes today that I have come to share with you all. We've done far more in the past, but these ones just ended up being written down...and role-played. There will be more of course. This is just the beginning. *cackles*

(Loz is the only speaker we really indicated here. You can have Kadaj/Yazoo/whoever you want as the other person/people with whom Loz is speaking with.)

What are you reading, Loz?
Loz: Sudoku!
*snickering under breath* What's it about, Loz?
Loz: It's a mystery! Wanna see? *holds it up to reveal blank squares*
Loz, you're an idiot.
Loz: No I'm not! You have to fill in the blanks! It's quite suspenceful!
Wow Loz, you're really on top of things.
Loz: No, I'm on the bottom bunk. *goes back to "reading"* It's really good though - it has me on the edge of my seat!
Loz, you're sitting on the floor.
Loz: I offered my seat to a lady.
Cloud: *tied up and in a chair, fuming* He /insisted/ I sit down...
Sweet Mother, Loz.

(Dee, Loz, Yazoo and myself go to Dairy Queen...this is the high-light of that session.)

Dee: C'mon, Loz. Which flavour do you want?

Loz: Hmm...I dunno. What about YOU, Yazoo?

Yazoo: *sighs and puts Velvet Nightmare away* Um...orange sherbert?

Loz: ...Isn't that kind of a GAY flavour?

Yazoo: *eyes narrow* Well, what flavour are you choosing?

Loz: RAINBOW sherbert!! *insert sparkly eyes*

Yazoo: And that isn't a gay flavour?

Loz: No...it has ALL the colours, not just the GAY ones!

Yazoo: The combination of all< colours makes the flavour gayer than any of the "gay" flavours alone. Didn't you know that?

Loz: ...Are...are you using MATH on me? *cringes*

Yazoo: Maybe...*grins wickedly*

Loz: OH! How could you?! You devil! *cries* Why are you always so MEAN to me?! TT_TT

Yazoo: *pats him on the head* There there...it's just that you + torment = amusement for me.

Loz: *whimpers* ONE day, Yazoo, I'm gonna...I'm gonna...tell MOTHER on you!! You'd just better HOPE we don't find her 'cause she's gonna be SO MAD at you!!

Yazoo: *eyes widen* You wouldn't! *pauses* Besides, didn't you know that rainbows are the actual symbol for gay pride?

Loz: YOU'RE the symbol for gay pride!

Yazoo: =_=;;

Aaand it ends about there (some extra added on at the end in fact).

Hope you enjoyed. As I said, we'll spawn more like these...some may even become little comics.
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