† Castiel ♥ (zax_dude) wrote in nk_ooc,
† Castiel ♥

Friend Add Master List

Hey guys ^^ Just Thought this would be helpful. It's a master list of the character journals that will be updated regularly as we recruit more players. To add them all to the friends list of your character journal, just enter the following list into the LJ console here. Make sure you're logged into your character journal when you do it ^_^

friend add aenaku_kaosu
friend add beat_rush_tifa
friend add wisenanaki_xiii
friend add kadaj_imperium
friend add loz_reverto
friend add yazoo_resurgam
friend add redgunsmoke
friend add saintsoldier
friend add liliesintherain
friend add saferseraphim
friend add sunderedreverie
friend add eldritch_shadow
friend add chaotic_impact


EDIT: Added a few names ♥~

mod-chan Steph
Tags: friend, master list
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